The Best Natural Supplements To Keep You Ageless

The Best Natural Supplements To Keep You Ageless

In the modern world, we see celebrities on the TV and we want to be thinner, have smaller waistlines and more muscle or cleavage – and yet these are people who have spent thousands of dollars to look the way they do. For the rest of us (who don’t have that kind of money or a personal makeup artist), we have to turn to other means to keep us looking young. Since the Fountain of Youth has yet to be discovered; we here at Ageless Nutrition put together a list of the best natural supplements to keep you ageless, because every little bit helps, right?


Ashwagandha (Somnifera, NCBI) contains a substance known as telomerase which helps in the formation of new and healthy DNA cells. It stops the nucleotides within the cell from malforming or fusing together, thereby allowing for quicker cell regeneration. The reason our skin starts to look older is that this process has slowed to a stalling point; this makes Ashwagandha a great herb for picking production back up again. Try some for yourself and share the results!


Fenugreek is a dried and ground plant that is commonly used as a curry spice in the eastern world. It also has some pretty surprising health benefits, one of which includes stalling that pesky aging process. Fenugreek is a food that is particularly good at targeting damaging free radicals in the body, which are what cause infections and such. It also has soothing properties which work to repair damaged skin cells so is a great supplement for those who have sun-damaged skin.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also known as the Puncture Vine plant it has many health benefits but is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction. It does this by stimulating the testosterone levels in the body which, for men of a certain age, is an extremely anti-aging effect… it’s not just women who worry about these things. It can also help with hair loss, and heart disease and treat depression in both sexes. Less depression means a clear complexion in later years. According to World Health Tribulus boosts dopamine levels which, in turn, boosts growth hormone levels.

Valerian Root Extract

It’s not an obvious one, but when you think about it it makes sense. Valerian root extract is a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory medicinal herb that can be used to combat stomach aches and fluctuations in mood. It lowers cortisol levels too, meaning you are less stressed out. Besides anything else with a spoonful of Valerian, you will get the best sleep you have ever had – and they call it ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. More sleep means fewer wrinkles, so take your Valerian (Mayo Clinic) and get to bed!

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