Horsetail Extract: How It Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Horsetail Extract: How It Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Horsetail is an ancient plant with the scientific name Equisetum arvense, characterized by hollow stems. It has been used as an herbal therapeutic since ancient times. Horsetail is a type of fern and resembles the tail of a horse, hence the name it was given. The extract taken from the plants has a strong antioxidant with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory potential that can be used as natural medicine. The benefits of horsetail extract are:

  • It can be applied directly to the skin for treating wounds. People used to apply the horsetail paste over the wound area or make tea to apply over the injured area. Leaving this at the site of the wound assists in a quick recovery and prevents infection due to its beneficial phytochemicals.
  • It is a great natural remedy for treating issues such as kidney and bladder stones, and urinary tract infections while improving overall health. Horsetail extract can also reduce the water retention in the body which normally causes oedema.
  • It contains many useful components such as silica and potassium which help in regenerating body tissue along with collagen synthesis. Due to collagen formation, the quality of the skin, hair, and nails improves. Horsetail promotes glowing skin, shiny hair, and beautiful nails.
  • Due to its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, horsetail can reduce muscle and joint pain while reducing the symptoms of inflammatory diseases.

Does it promote hair growth?

If your hair is thinning day by day, this could be a result of having a mineral deficiency. In this case, horsetail extract works miraculously as a natural treatment for hair growth. It is best for hair growth because it has a great number of vitamins and minerals that assist in healthy growth. One mineral that is found within this herb is silica which promotes healthy hair. Silica also improves nail growth and bone density. It helps in strengthening the hair strands which not only improves the hair growth but also provides shine and texture.

Sometimes selenium deficiency may occur which causes hair loss, but horsetail extract contains selenium which promotes hair growth if taken on a daily basis. The antioxidant potential of this herb prevents aging due to metabolic stress. The other constituents are saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and salts that help to bring balance to your body.

How to take horsetail supplements for hair growth?

Horsetail supplements are great for achieving the thick and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. It is available in many forms such as a pill, capsule, and liquid extract. The safe dose is about 300mg and should to be consumed three times a day.

Taking horsetail extract in the form of a pill or capsule is easy because it doesn’t need preparation or application time such as oils. The oil can be applied directly to the scalp because it is safe and doesn’t cause itching or burning sensation on the skin. This increases the direct absorption of extract in the skin and promotes hair growth. The other method of taking horsetail extract is to use it in the form of infusion or tea, which provides less amount of extract as compared to the oral method.

These days there are many oral supplements in the market that not only contain horsetail extract but also other vitamins and minerals to provide an all-in-one solution for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Our product AgelessHAIR is an all-natural product that is made right here in the USA. We have created a unique formula that includes premium ingredients to provide you with the best results. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

It is a safe and natural way to promote hair growth without any side effects. But as always, please make sure to consult with your doctor before taking another supplement.

5 Benefits of Horsetail Extract – Skin, Hair, & More

5 Benefits of Horsetail Extract – Skin, Hair, & More

What Is Horsetail?

Horsetail is the name of the plant, which is native to Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East and it grows in swampy places. The other name for horsetail is Equisetum arvense. The name horsetail is given to it because it resembles the tail of the horse. It is thin, green grass-like with no leaves and flowers on it. It can also be grown as a pond plant and can grow up to 3 feet tall. This plant is not commonly cultivated, but due to its medicinal importance, it can be found in some herbal stores.

This plant can do wonders for human health, and the leafy part of horsetail has been used as an herbal medicine for centuries. This contains many phytochemicals such as saponins, tannins, phenols, and antioxidant flavonoids that provide its medicinal properties. It is a rich source of potassium and can be used by people having a potassium deficiency.

The extract can be obtained from various methods such as distillation etc. The green part of the plant is used for the extraction of phytochemicals. The extract from the horsetail plant seems to be very useful. The horsetail extract also contains silica which is very useful for hair, skin, and nails. There are many health benefits of this extract which are as follows:

1. The best natural supplement for hair growth

Horsetail has been used as a hair growth supplement for many years. The supplement can be used in various ways because it is available in many forms such as a pill or oil. This extract not only enhances hair growth but also strengthens the hair and improves the quality of hair. People who use horsetail extract on a regular basis get incredible results in the form of thick and shiny hair. It also helps in increasing the length of hair. You will find horsetail extract along with biotin and other active ingredients in AgelessHAIR to enhance the quality and growth of hair.

2. Strengthen nails and keep skin young

Shiny nails and young and firm skin are the epitome of beauty, and people spend a lot of money to enhance their beauty. Many products that claim to be effective are just a loss of money, but horsetail extract is very effective for hair, nails, and skin. It contains silica, which is very good for keeping nails and skin healthy. It is a good natural moisturizer that helps to smoothen the skin and makes the skin plumper and strong. It is also effective in getting rid of wrinkles, through collagen synthesis which is an important protein for nails, skin, and hair.

3. Natural wound healer

It is traditionally used for healing wounds and effective agent to stop bleeding. Romans used the horsetail for curing wounds and injuries during ancient times. When it is applied directly to the skin, horsetail extract can soothe wounds and burns. It is a natural painkiller and reduces the pain. This plant has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential that makes it best for wounds and their healing. For wounds, horsetail extract or tea is applied on a washcloth which is then put on the wound place for 10 to 30 minutes; this will not only quicken the recovery but also reduce the pain.

Horsetail as food:

Horsetail is not just limited to herbal or medicinal use. Romans used to eat this because of its great immunogenic properties. The alkaloids and flavonoids provide this plant with beneficial properties and when consumed as food improve overall health. It helps to boost immunity and fight inflammation.

4. Improves urination and kidney issues

Horsetail is used for fluid retention (edema), and to remove kidney and bladder stones. It also helps to ward off urinary tract infections which promotes kidney and bladder health. Taking horsetail extract tea is effective for kidney stones, and daily taking removes stones along with improving uterine infections.

5. Assists in the treatment of other conditions

The phytochemicals help the person fight diseases and infections. It can be used to treat tuberculosis, joint diseases, and frostbite along with strengthening immunity and bones.

Take away

These are not all health benefits, it has other uses as well. Although it is safe and doesn’t carry any side effects, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. This contains nicotine that’s why it is not good for smokers. Few people are allergic to herbs, so they should take horsetail extract after consulting a doctor.